74 Auto is one of the leading repairable/salvage auto dealers in the world. We are innovators in our industry, fast moving and fast growing, we set the bar for our competition. We have built a worldwide client base and gained the trust of many body shops, exporters and overseas dealers. As a true volume dealer, we use price and expertise to our advantage. Repeat business is the key to our growth and we strive every single day to do the best job possible for our customers, they are our #1 priority.

With our bulk buying power and network of insurance contracts, we have a wide selection of quality late model repairable vehicles. We have no buyers fees and we will answer every question you ask and send any image you request. Our goal is complete transparency and to provide our buyers with the best vehicles at the lowest prices. If you are a competitive shopper, we will earn your business. For our dealer and body shop customers, we take out the guesswork of auctions and the risk of buying cars with severe hidden damage.

As with any business- there is more gray area than black and white. When it comes to salvage and clean title vehicles- The laws vary from state to state and every situation is unique. Sometimes heavily damaged vehicles will have clean titles, sometimes light damaged vehicles will have salvage titles.