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About 74 Auto LLC

74 Auto is one of the leading repairable/salvage auto dealers in the world. We are innovators in our industry, fast moving and fast growing, we set the bar for our competition. We have built a worldwide client base and gained the trust of many body shops, exporters and overseas dealers. As a true volume dealer, we use price and expertise to our advantage. Repeat business is the key to our growth and we strive every single day to do the best job possible for our customers, they are our #1 priority.

With our bulk buying power and network of insurance contracts, we have a wide selection of quality late model repairable vehicles. We have no buyers fees and we will answer every question you ask and send any image you request. Our goal is complete transparency and to provide our buyers with the best vehicles at the lowest prices. If you are a competitive shopper, we will earn your business. For our dealer and body shop customers, we take out the guesswork of auctions and the risk of buying cars with severe hidden damage.

Remember, as with any business- there is no black and white when it comes to salvage and clean title vehicles. The laws vary from state to state and every single situation is different. Sometimes heavily damaged vehicles will have clean titles, sometimes light damaged vehicles will have salvage titles.


The Sale Process

There are several steps required in order to complete the purchase of a vehicle when using the website. Each step must be completed fully, in order and in a timely fashion. Please help us to make the buying process as smooth and quick as possible.

Reserving the Vehicle

After you have spoken to a sales associate, you may reserve the vehicle you wish to purchase from the website. This may be done with a credit or debit card, or a PayPal account.

Step 1: Click on the “Reserve Vehicle” tab at the top of the website or on the listing.

Step 2: Fill in your information (be sure to answer the Spam Protection Question) and hit “Submit”.

Step 3: You will be directed to the “Terms and Conditions” page. Please read carefully and hit “Pay Now” if you agree.

Step 4: You will be directed to the payment page. Enter your payment information and hit “Continue”.

Step 5: You will received an email from PayPal confirming your deposit.

Buyers Order

After we receive your deposit a “Buyers Order” will be emailed to the address provided on the vehicle reserve. The Buyers Order will be an attachment to the email. The email will also contain a payment receipt confirming that we have received your payment and showing the remaining balance. Our “Bank Wire Information” will also be contained in the payment receipt. Please print this and take it with you to the bank when you are prepared to send the payment. There is a link in the email as well to the “Buyer Info Form” http://www.74auto.com/buyerinfo/ . Please click the link and complete this form. This is different from the Reserve Vehicle form and must be completed as well. If you are going to arrange shipping for the vehicle YOURSELF please let us know by email or phone DO NOT JUST LEAVE THE SHIPPING INFORMATION BLANK.


Print off the wire instructions contained in the “Buyers Order” email and take them to your bank if are paying by wire. Wires sent after 2PM will post the following business day.

We DO accept cashier’s checks, however we will need to verify funds and hold the vehicle and title until the check has cleared. This is typically 10 days.


What to expect once you have sent the payment

Once we receive the full payment on the vehicle we will list the vehicle to ship and mail you the paperwork. This process is done as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee timeframes as some aspects of shipping and mailing the title are out of our control.

We use a dispatching website. It is set up exclusively to move vehicles in the US. Once we have your completed Buyer Info form, with the address you are having the vehicle shipped to, we will post it to this website. We have shipped vehicles all over the US and know what it will typically cost to get a vehicle moved. We will attempt to keep the costs as low as possible. We DO NOT make any money off the shipping of the vehicles. All the money goes to the driver.

While we can get most vehicles shipped to you in a week or two, we do not guarantee this. Many factors such as location, distance, weather, the type of vehicle and others may affect how long and how expensive the shipping will be. While we welcome our customers to contact us if they have any questions about shipping, please allow a reasonable amount of time for the vehicle to be delivered. Drivers are limited in the number of hours they may drive per day.

Payment for shipping will be your responsibility upon delivery. We ask that you provide us with three contact numbers so that the driver may call you to arrange the final delivery of the vehicle. Please make sure to have someone available to receive the vehicle at the agreed upon time and place.

For international buyers, there will be a few additional steps. 74 Auto will be happy to arrange shipping to any port in the continental US. Since most export companies do not want to be responsible for paying the shipping company, we will need to have the shipping costs paid up front. We will pay the driver when the vehicle is picked up. It will be the buyer’s responsibility to make ALL arrangements at the port. You will need to obtain all gate passes and other information necessary for the driver to enter the port and deliver the vehicle. Copies of this information must be faxed or emailed to 74 Auto before the vehicle will be allowed to leave our lot.

Title and Paperwork

Once we have received payment and a completed “Buyer Info” form we will email copies of the Title, Buyers Guide and Bill of Sale. These copies will need to be signed and returned to us via email or fax. The originals will then be mailed to the address provided.

Paperwork will be sent via USPS Priority Mail. It will usually arrive within 2 business days of being mailed. A USPS tracking number is placed on all paperwork and can be provided upon request.

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